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Weber Brontosaurus ribs

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Some beef back ribs I did on my weber kettle. Applied dry rub 20 hours before cooking, organic mesquite wood chips (Publix,) 200-250 degrees for 3 hours. Glazed them with sweet baby rays original the last 30 minutes. I'm new, please go easy in me.
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Organic wood? Hmmmmm.
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How were they?

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Ribs look great ! But.....
Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Organic wood? Hmmmmm.


Ribs look awesome though ! icon14.gif
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Yeah , like grown hydroponically , Farmer :ROTF


NoleQ , your Ribs look great , I'd hit them for sure...


Later  and . . .

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Your ribs do look awesome ! Great smoke ! icon14.gif
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Checked the bag, they are craftily labeled under publix "greenwise" which is their organic brand, but I'm not too sure how wood could be anything other than organic. More pics.
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Just giving ya a bad time man..... Again, nice smoke ! icon14.gif
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