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First brisket... Qview

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Well here it is.

I may have cut it wrong but I don't,care

Amazing flavor and very juiced. Chopped the point,up into squares and bbq sauces them wow...


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Looks good. If you cut across the grain it will be more tender.

Happy smoken.


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Looks great!

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Hey , Jax :icon_smile:. Nice looking Brisky , Dang :drool . . . that's Texas lingo for , *$3**^@ that's good :icon_exclaim: The Smoke ring , your version of a pull test , and the Bark too.


Nice job , do it again . . .


Have fun and . . .

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Wow, looks excellent !

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Looks mighty fine! Bet it was some good eats
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Looks great !
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Looks awesome Jax, well done!

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Very good brisket - well done Thumbs Up

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I love your qview (that's the way to give someone a finger) and that looks like a fine brisket. 



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