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Originally Posted by WillEng View Post

I'm new to this and still learning but has anyone tried making it into a sausage? 

I would think squirrel sausage would be like crawfish balls.........


You know how many crawfish you'd have to cut to get a mouthful?

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I've not tried it but as lean as squirrel is, follow a recipe for Chicken or Rabbit sausage. Or a recipe that precooks the meat like Boudin...JJ 

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If you get younger squirrels consider just frying them in bacon grease slowly until nicely browned.  You can do that with mature squirrels as well, they will be tougher so cook a little longer.  Squirrel is great eating; think about what they eat;  Just the best stuff in the forest.

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A lot of great ideas. Will be trying some! Thanks .
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