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Originally Posted by Dert View Post


Nice!!!! Points!
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I guess that's what a nice pellicle will do for you!! And finishing them with some cherry!

This was super moist!
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Ended up with about 19 pounds of finished product...
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Great looking salmon! Nothing better then some smoked salmon on a cream cheese shmeared bagel!
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SENSATIONAL! HUGE! AMAZING! This all looks terrific and you must have had so much fun!!! Just beautiful to see! Cheers! - Leah

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Looks fantastic but wait!   Isn't that a King Salmon?   Where were you fishing?


Have you used this recipe before?   Looks very interesting.

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King/chinook same thing...Oncorhynchus tshawytscha.

Caught on the Sacremento River...the recipe is from my dad, 40+ years of smoking! I changed it a little because I didn't have any alder pellets, used hickory and finished with cherry chips in the SI #3.
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Awesome.  Thanks.



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Hello Dert,

I bought  a smokin it 3 not to long ago, first batch of salmon really sucked way to much smoke had a bitter taste the second batch came out better but not as good as the old uds i have used for years. this years turkey will be done on the uds. I bought the amns for the #3 but have not had a chance to play with it, maybe tomorrow I will do some cheese.

any  tips to speed up my learning curve.

have a great weekend from the Oregon coast


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Just make sure the Amazen it really well lit...I've been using Treager pellets from Costco in the #3 with out issue...watch the temps on the cheese...<100*F!

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Ok cool, I used sawdust in my ouds so I have that part down pretty well.  So you use pellets in your si #3 ? how much do you use when you smoke fish?


thanks for your help


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I just use the pellets in the amazing smoker I typically use chips in the smoking it#3.
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Good morning from the oregon coast,

I smoked some cheese a couple of days ago, loaded up the amnps with pitmaster blend lit it and re lit it a few times, the cheese was in the smoker about 12 hours @ 60 degrees.  at the 12 hour mark the amnps was not quite finished burning but I was done smoking. so I guess in a couple of weeks we will see if it turned out. I think my si 3 may be a little to air tight for the amnps what do you think?


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It seems to work in mine (without the electric burner running). I have been using traeger pellets, not sure if it matters.

If it doesn't work and stay lit in yours, I would seriously consider drilling a small hole in the bottom just to the right of the burner underneath the pellet smoker to see if that would work.

It would be easy enough to plug that up with a quarter inch bolt when not in use.
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maybe that is where I went wrong I bought the amnps dust smoker mostly because I use to burn saw dust in my ouds smoker it was propane fired and needed some heat to keep the saw dust burning. I will try drilling a hole it sure can't hurt any thing, I am also thinking about adding a tube to the smoker so I can dent the smoke out side from my garage, any thoughts?


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I don't know maybe try pallets instead of the dust do you have the tray smoker like this one here:

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