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80 gallon RF smoker build

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Hey group. I'm new to smoking and smokers, but I've been reading the build threads and I'm ready to tackle a build ( I think). Plans are for an 80 gallon CC with a offset FB on the right. The plan as of now is for a 22"x20"x18" FB with two 2"x6" air inlets. I'll post pics as I get a chance to work on it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My thoughts for the firebox.
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...Any suggestions would be appreciated...

 Measure twice, cut once!

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...Any suggestions would be appreciated...

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I see we're off to a good start with suggestions. What do y'all think about the size and shape of the FB? How far off the bottom should I make my vents so that I don't have to worry about ash getting blown around?
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If you put your air intake vents 1.5" to 2" up from the bottom, you will have room for an ash pan with enough capacity for a long cook.

Your fire grate should be above the top of the air intakes so that the air feeds the fire from underneath.

You can also rotate the orientation of your firebox so that it is 22" tall and 20" wide, but that is optional.

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You may also want to consider putting three of the holes on the level as Smoke Jumper suggested above and one higher up towards the top of the fire in line with the opening to the cook chamber. The upper one will help move the heat into the CC. Did you run your calculations through the calculator? Also read through this thread, there is a lot of good information in here.

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Thanks for the input guys. I order my metal for the firebox and some 2"x3/16" flat stock to trim the CC and FB doors. I'm also going to be welding my hinges to the trim. I did use the calculator and the firebox will end up being bigger then 1/3. I do plan on leaving enough room under the vents for an ash pan. As for the vent above the fire, my plans were to leave it out and see how well the smoker works without it first. I see alot of builds that don't use them. What's y'all opinion on installing a baffle from the FB to CC to eliminate the hotspot where the FB sticks into the CC?
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Do a search on Baffle Plate within the reverse flow threads and you should find some pictures of what will work. There are several that have been posted and Dave made a sketch that is in there several times.

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.... click on pic to enlarge .... a 1/4" gap between the plate and top of FB and RF plate is adequate to reduce the heat transfer... It can be installed at a later date if it is needed....

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I guess I'll leave the baffle out for now and see if I'll even need it. If it turns out I need one could I just weld a couple of nuts to the top of the firebox and bolt it up like that? I picked up my hinges today and should have the firebox metal tomorrow. I'm just not sure how big the opening between the FB and CC should be. I read that it should 1.5 times the recommended size according to the calculator? If I cut the hole bigger then recommend would it cause any problems?
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Got some work done this weekend. Picked up the 1/4" plate for the FB ($155) and the 3/16" trim for the doors. Welded up the firebox and trim, cut the openings in the CC and welded on the trim for the CC door. Built a fire today and did the burn out. The end fire was much bigger then in the picture.
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Great job. That bud light came out perfect.
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