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What did your chargriller smoke this summer?

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Just wanted to start a thread to show what your chargriller smoked this summer. Here's some of my smokes.

St Louis Ribs

Chicken Thighs

Seafood Scampi


Pork Butt

Brisket and Ribs

Prime Rib

Whole Chicken




Baby Back Ribs

To what was tasty summer filled with lots of TBS!!!beercheer.gif
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I actually did not take very many pics of meat on the CG when cooking this summer.

I do, however, have this from Memorial Day, the ribs, brats and burnt ends(from a chuckie) were cooked on the CG. the chicken got cooked on the Weber.


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I neglected to take pictures, but I smoked 30 pounds of bacon, 10 pounds of Canadian bacon, and five racks of baby back ribs this summer.


Not to mention that I've grilled dozens of steaks, Kalbi flank steak pinwheels, Kalbi flanken-cut ribs, burgers and kabobs on the old Char-Griller this season.


My big deal this summer was getting an industrial 4-port digital thermometer, with some food-industry K-type thermocouples to get the temperatures on my cooking grates dialed in.


That really helped me get a handle on getting my temperatures to stay more consistent. That, and not being afraid to fiddle with the damper by millimeters until it is just right... then having to adjust it all over again in ten minutes when the wind changed direction.



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I neglected to take photos as well, but I smoked pork butts, lots of chicken thighs, a packer brisket, whole chicken, baby back ribs, and spare ribs. I need to get better at taking photos to post on this site.

Anyone else looking forward to good BBQ this fall with cooler temperatures and good football?!?
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I've got a couple of racks of loin backs in the freezer that will be cooked at some point this fall, I'll be sure to post the cook.Thumbs Up

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Last of the loin backs from the freezer.

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