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How do i get tbs when i start with a starter cube (no chimney)
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Give it time.

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What type of fuel are you using? What type of wood are you using for smoke and how much?

I light my UDS with a propane torch. I light one side (3-4) briquettes. I'll have TBS in a matter of minutes. I typically use Kingsford Blue or 365 brand lump. For wood I use (3-4) 2"-3" chunks set in too if the briquettes.

One thing you may be seeing also is condensation not white smoke. I experience that when it's cold outside. It subsides after 15-20 minutes usually. It can be normal for white smoke to happen when starting up.
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white smoke is going to be there when starting and getting up to temps (all vents wide open).. once temps start getting close to desired temp.. start closing intakes to settle in at your desired temp.. when it starts to settle down the smoke will thin out and become blue....
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Hello all.  I just got a 55 gallon barrel. I was wondering if its worth it to buy the Big Papa kit or should I just build my own from ideas off the forums?  I like that's its all in one kit and I don't have to hunt down the parts I need.  I have a ECB and I like to use the water bowl filled with whatever to add some extra flavor.  I guess I could add a spot for one.



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