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Chili Dogs Are Done

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Chili dogs are pretty popular around this house with the family.  Well not everyone.  My wife and her mom think they taste good but a little on the spicy side.  Well,  I think they are just right, but we all have different taste buds when it comes to those red pepper flakes.  I did the same thing as last time with them except I had about two tablespoons of mustard seeds left over so I threw them in with the rest of the seasonings.


My "brain box" on my Masterbuilt went out on me right after I started her up.  Ordered a new one.  So I used the oven.  Put the oven on at 225 and pulled each batch when the internal reached 150 or close to it.  Gave them a nice cold water bath and put them on my jerky racks to dry.  Put them all back in the fridge overnight and vac packed them the next day.  Here is what I used--


17 pounds of pork butt

8 pounds of beef chuck

5 cups of cold water

5 cups of powdered milk

1 bag of Curley's Chili Dog mix [enough for 25 pounds]

1 oz of cure one [came with the seasoning mix]

4 big T of diced garlic [used stuff in jar]

2 T mustard seeds

hog casings


Ground the meat through the course plate.  Sprinkled the mustard over the mix and the powdered milk.  Put the rest of the seasonings and the cure in the water and mixed it well and poured it on the meat.  Mixed everything up good.  Then ground the mix one more time through the medium plate.  Left the meat mix in the fridge overnight.  Next day [let my casings set overnight in water, cleaned] stuffed the sausage into links.Put the links on my jerky racks and in the oven they went as stated above.  Wrapped some in freezer paper and the rest in the vac packs I had left.  Time to order more.  Here are some pics Reinhard


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Looks very good.

Happy smoken.


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I have looked at that mix for over a year..........guess it's time for an order.....

Those look great..



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Looks great! Nice job!

Bummer deal on the broken smoker.
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Thanks guy's.  Ya, it's the digital box that plugs in the top of the Masterbuilt.  Had it for awhile so it's bound to happen in time.  Some of those chili dogs are saved for deer camp in early November. Reinhard

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Reinhard, those look great and very tasty, Great post. 



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Thanks DS!!  Chili dogs are becoming just as popular as polish now with my crew.  Smoked/Cooked, the Chili dogs are a little spicy, but fresh they are more spicy.  The cooking process mellow's out the peppers a bit.  Reinhard

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Nice looking chili dogs......:drool

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Wow.....nice job. I'm really admiring the finished color on those. And that seasoning mix really made for a good looking color on the ground meat and some nice plump links. OK, another added on the long list to do....recipe stolen for future use....Thx, Reinhard

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Terrific looking hot dogs and a great post. I appreciate the recipe and the idea. I will be adding this to my list of things to try. Great qview too.




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The only chili dogs I have had up to now have been those tasteless frankfurters, covered in batter that are sold in gas stations. These have made me realign my expectation as to what a chili dog can be. Great looking sausage. Well done Thumbs Up

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Those look fantastic! Where's deer camp, just in case I get hungry.........wink

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