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Fourth pork butt Smoke.... Need advice

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Guys, I'm getting better by the week. Sunday is my big debut for a large group for the NFL games Sunday. I have two 8 pound butts, my gameplan is to put them on for about 24 hours, then pull them at 205, pull them apart, give them a quick spritz of vinegar then wrap in foil and put them back I'm the smoker with the heat off for two hours.... Any advice would be appreciated, you guys have helped me a ton in mastering my skills!
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What sorta time frame are you thinking with reaching 205 and service?
I'm wondering if your smoker is transportable try and either do the whole cook on location..
Or, can butts be half cooked the stuck in the fridge and finished at a later time??
Just thinking out loud here as I think the quicker you can get it served (after resting that is) the better product it'll be..
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What temp will you be cooking at to leave them in for 24 hours? It would make it a lot less stressful if you could do it ahead of time. I do that all the time. If you have a food saver, cook it, rest it, pull it, vacuum pack it with some of its juices. Then you can reheat it at game time by dropping the bags in boiling water. It ends up coming out as good as it was coming off of the smoker. If you use a finishing sauce, put that in after it's been reheated.
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Also, keep the danger zone time and temps in mind. 40 to 140 in 4 hours.
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Don't forget the rest period , it's too important IMO to not allow for it, you can take off smoker, double wrap in foil, place in a warm cooler (no ice) with blankets, towels and keep it safe for 4-6 hours then pull, hope this helps!

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Florida , hello. This is just my technique , but I'm Anal !!!


First is the meat . . .Betty 004 - Copy (2).JPG These were 10# ea. , dusted with my Spice Rub and  cooked at 225*F (appox.) for 16hrs , total . I put them in at 250*F and the temp. dropped to 215*F and recovered quickly .I then placed the probe of my Mav in 1 hr. later and closed the smoker lid and waited for 200*F THEN opened and wrapped in foil and towels and placed them in a chest cooler until I wanted them (6hrs.) . DO NOT PEEK , you'll ruin the Bark :deadhorse:.


When guest are due , Pull the Pig and add Sofalquer's finishing sauce , serve and gather the compliments...:biggrin:


 there are many ways to smoke a Butt , choose one try it and decide for yourself how you like to work at the "Smoking' task :cool:  i.e. , play with your unit and see how she runs . . .(O.K. , she's a lady and you got to know how to stroke her :icon_exclaim: :icon_exclaim::icon_exclaim:


Have fun and . . .

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Thanks for all the responses! Another question, using my maverick and tried to buy a second meat probe and plug it into the smoker input but wouldn't work. So I then used the smoker probe and inserted into the meat, does this work?
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Sorry, don't know but I'll bump it in case you still need an answer.
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Probes on my maverick 733 are interchangeable.

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