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Wow, now those brings back memories.  I haven't had frog legs since I was a teenager visiting grandparents and uncles in West Virginia.  It was the same week as the Apollo 11 moon landing.  I have two uncles, one a couple years older than me, one three months younger (yeah, interesting story) who took me frog giggin' in the wee dark hours in the mountains of W.VA.  My dad's parents and two younger brothers lived on a small farm.  I remember how scary it was for a big city kid out on a moonless night walking through the backwoods.  I kept thinking I was gonna end up lost or bear food. 


We had a big flashlight and a gig on the end of a long pole.  We gigged until we had a canvas sack full of frogs, brought them back to the farm, cleaned them, and soaked them in milk (for some reason) in the fridge.  Threw them on the charcoal grill the next day.  I'd never eaten frog legs before but I loved them.  They weren't plated near as nice as yours Leah, and there was no white wine to go with them, but your great pics put a smile on my face for what you prepared and what I remembered.  Thank you. 



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Thank you Foamheart! Indeed, to eat with reckless abandon and only have a bowl of bones left is a ravenously fun thing, yes? I like them grilled as well, but found the smoke color and tenderness to be a little better even. I'm adding this into my rotation of methods to eat/do often! Happy weekend!


And Justin, thanks very much too! You'd be amazed at what I can "multitask" or do with a wine glass still in hand! Smiles. Cooking without one just seems so very wrong! I'm so glad you enjoyed these!!!


And Ray!!! What an absolutely beautiful story!! I love the tales of one's upbringing or travels or whatever it be, as each moment brings us to wherever and whoever we are right now, (or so I believe), and it's just so fantastic! I love too, that you and your family caught a whole bag!!! What fun!


Here's to a wonderful Saturday for all! And I'll get some fun splashing into the "Winos" group soon too, as I don't like to leave that idling merely. Yes more wine for all!!!!!!!!!!


Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah

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