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Picnic Ham

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This is my first attempt at a "ham". Even though it's a picnic. Using Ruhlman's book and basing it on the American-Style Brown Sugar Glazed Holiday Ham recipe.

My question focuses on the fact that it calls for a 12-15 lb ham- aitch removed.

My picnic is 7.43 lbs, bone in. I will be injecting the brice/cure.

But do I cut in half the salt from the recipe's 1-1/2 cups per gallon of H20 as well as the pink salt in half from 1.5 oz. per gallon.

I'm thinking halve the kosher salt but use the full amount of pink salt. Don't want the ham to salty.

And stick with the 1/2 a day per pound submerged.


Thoughts, advice....

Thanks in advance

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i would say if a 1/2 gallon of brine is enough to cover the ham then go ahead, it seems like a alot of salt, i use pop's brine which calls for 1 cup of salt,1 tbsp pink salt, 1 cup brownsugar,1 cup of white sugar if i remember right, and this always comes out perfect, i don't even fry test anymore knowing it will be good.good luck, i'm not sure but is a 1/2 day a pound long enough if your planning on cold smoking,,there are some good threads on here you should read about brining,maybe some of the pro's will jump in with their opinions.

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Thanks for the reply. I will be hot smoking at 200 to an internal of 155. I guess my fundamental question is will one gallon of a given brine containing salt, pink salt and a sweetener cure a hunk of meat the same whether 7 lbs, 10 lbs 15 lbs etc.

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Hey Beef,

the answer is yes, if you are using the brine and injecting, it does'nt matter how much meat is in there as long as the brining solution has the correct ratio of cure, and all the meat is submerged, the salt and sugar is more personal preference. I made that recipe last winter, and it was good but a bit salty.

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Looks like a plan , Beefy Thumbs Up


Be sure and post results , and a review :biggrin: .


Have fun and . . .

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All righty then... here we go.

And I think I'll use Pops ratios...

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good choice, i don't think you'll be disappointed, good luck,

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Happy smoken.


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How did your ham turn out? I just put a picnic in brine a few hours ago... Planning to go on smoke in 2 weeks. Im planning to slice.... Did 155 do good for you to slice?
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I actually let it go to 158 and it turned out better than I thought it would. I was shooting for 160 as this was my first attempt. After my wife looked at the bone end she pronounced it DONE. It sliced up very well.

Next time I'm getting a real ham. Picnics just don't have a lot of meat.

Pops brine work beautifully. 

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