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Smoked Pork Leftovers

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I am smoking a bunch of pork for a "pre hunting season" party out at camp.  I would like to smoke the pork ahead of time for a couple reasons...I like it better left over and I don't know that I will have the time to do it at camp.  My thought is that I would smoke the butts this Sunday, then I would pull it, vaccum seal it and throw it in the fridge until next Saturday.  I'm sure it will be fine in the fridge for a week, right?  I would rather not freeze it.  Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated!

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It will be fine vacuum sealed and in the fridge for a week.  I've actually experimented with vacuum sealing smoked meat and keeping it in the fridge (35F) to see how long it remained edible and fresh tasting.  I won't post the results here because the safety police will jump all over me, but trust me, a week is NOOOOOO problem as long as it is kept cold until heated to serve. 

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I totally agree with both of you.


Pulled pork in my humble opinion is always better the day after. I highly suggest a spoonful of Chef JJ's finishing sauce in each vacc pack before closing it up. It adds moisture as well as lightly seasons the pulled pork as well. Not so you can taste it like salt and pepper seasoning, its blended to accentuate the pulled pork. What it does is make everyone wonder why your pulled pork is so much better than anyone elses. They will never know its there, if it's used right.


I always cook my Pulled pork ahead of time they are can be most obstinate about finishing on time. Some one needs to teach a pig to tell time and see if it will help. Besides it allows the chance for the finishing sauce to slip in and work its magic. Then when ready to use the pork, I use a crock pot to hold as much moisture as possible in while heating, and I also adjust the finished product again with finishing sauce.


That way I can sit and lie with all the other folks before eatting and enjoy myself too. Besides no one see's me hogging down that bark while pulling...>LOL

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ROFLMAO , that's cool Kevin , I knew others scavenged the Bark too :icon_exclaim: :drool th_dunno-1[1].gif 


Remember 9-11 and the Heros :icon_exclaim:


Later . . .

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Bark Scavenging is the cook's reward, isn't it? I always tell myself that. ...

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