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Nieghbors are dropping in and leaving me some wood . During the first day of the build , a neighbor came by to 'snoop' and said his son has a Maple tree cut  in his yard , then shows up later with some on his wagon . He comes back yesterday and says ,"look at my alley" , there was about a half cord there and he bsaid there was plenty more . . . a bribe :icon_question: He's been over when I've been cooking and had some snacks...


The other in the "hood" are stopping in now , instead of driving by and waving :icon_eek: , maybe visions of goodies , or parties . . . that's my plan . Now ,I've got a better cook area .


If you cook it , they will come . . . :beercheer: .


Later . . .

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Free wood, who doesn't like free wood.



Maybe you can talk them in to bringing meat thou.    :confused:

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Different stories , no $ . . .


Hand outs  , you know :cool:.

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