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Where to look for a barrel

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So I just picked up a second used Weber kettle to use for parts on my first UDS build. I however am having a lot of trouble finding an unlined barrel. After reading some of the horror stories of stripping a barrel I think unlined is the way to go (for me at least). My issue is I am in Nova Scotia and a new one will cost me over 225$ with freight etc. Kijiji and craigslist are a bust here, only one set of lined barrels available. Any insight on to what kind of businesses might have used unlined barrels kicking around? obviously ones that would be food safe and that would not require a burnout (illegal in my neighbourhood) would be preferable. Thanks in advance.

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You might have trouble finding a unlined foodsafe barrel. I could be wrong but I think all food safe barrels are lined. So, you can't have any open fire in your area? Even in an enclosed container? I got my barrels from a candle maker and the wax came in them, burned them out and good to go. The only restriction I see is for brush burning, not having an enclosed warming fire. You can use any barrel as long as you can burn it out. Take a drive up and down a few alleys in your nearest industrial district. Knock on some doors. Offer to bring some BBQ back for them when you get it built. I got six barrels for free in this manner. good luck. timber

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thanks for the tips. The ban must have been lifted, I had contacted my local fire dept concerning the burn out a few weeks back and they basically said no way. I guess a drive through the ind park is in order.

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Find a sand blaster and become good friends with him. Offer some pulled pork in trade for having him blast out the inside. I wanted the exterior of mine powder coated. My powder coater also does sand blasting. $25 inside and out.
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Not sure how much live stock you have I your area, but we can get food grade barrels for $25 at the local animal feed stores.
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There is a feed shop down the road from me, I will pop in there this week. Thanks for the tip I never would have guessed that one Jarjar.
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If burning is allowed check your local auto part store. I got one at a NAPA auto parts for $20. It was the core fee there dealer charges them. Held hydrolic oil and had a sealed lid I had to cut off but it worked. 

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