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Restaurant Smoker

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Hello. I am considering opening up a bbq joint. Found a building that can seat 25, and also has like an ice cream shop with walk up window connected. I will continue to work my job during the day. So i am looking for something I can go in at night, prepare the meat, and throw it on the smoker, and then have staff come in the next morning and finish off everything. I like my pellet smoker because it is great for just that. I used to have to set my alarm for 2 hours so i would wake up and check meat, add wood and so fourth. IS there a good starter smoker you guys recommend. Or is there a good smoker to build that can maintain a temp of 225-250 without the need to be  baby sat?

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I don't know what volume you expect but here are some excellent Commercial rated, NSF Certified, Pellet Smokers. The first is their starter size and the next size up. I recommend that whatever size you think you need, purchase the next size up.These are American made. Parts and service is readily available and they are reasonably priced. Good luck with your start up...JJ




This unit is bigger than it appears...


Item image




Item image 

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Sweet. The 120 was the one I was looking at.
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There is a thread on the bbq-brethern forum titled "Open a BBQ restaurant, they said. It will be fun, they said" that may help you with a lot of questions. It's long, 162 forum pages and over 2400 comments and replies, a lot to go through but well worth it. Personally if I had any inclination to open a BBQ joint, after reading that thread, I would look for something else to do! LOL

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