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My First competition results

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Well, my first competition has come and gone. It was an amateur comp not far from my house at the KY State BBQ Festival in Danville, KY. Ribs only. While I hated everything about my ribs, color, taste, etc. I did end up taking 3rd place. I was totally shocked. I was pretty discouraged going to the awards. When they called my name, I just sat there. My wife hit me and said, "that's you!" I was 2.5 points out of first. I had a great time, met some great folks, and ate some great ribs. Can't wait to do another comp soon.

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Congrats Patrick... what a way to start.. I was the same way in my first comp with my chicken.. Mine was not quite down and I butchered it (beer can chicken) trying to cut it up.. and I got second... talk about surprised...

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Way to go man, nice job ! icon14.gif
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Good job, keep us informed. Im looking to jo in a Team.
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Just goes to show that what we consider great Q is not what the judges look for.

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Man, good to hear you had a good time..Did you take any pictures?
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Congrats to you pretty darn good 3rd place I been looking and watching to get into a small competition.

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Way to go Patrick! funny, how the toughest judge to please is ourselves!!!

Smokin Monkey 🇬🇧
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That's great news. I'm my own worst critic too, so having someone else think your food was better than you were thinking is always a nice surprise. I can't wait to find one here in San Diego I can go to and test my skills out.
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