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My first pork butt and ribs!

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Well it's official....I'm hooked. Yesterday I made my first pork butt and my first slab of ribs on my smoker (smoke hollow 4-in1) This was only the second do time I've smoked anything . And it turned out awesome. Here we a few pics.

I like my sauce a bit more robust. It has onions and scallions in it.

I can't believe I got such an amazing smoke ring on my second try.

I can defiantly say it's a learning process. I can tell the difference just from my first smoke to the second. My first smoke was a whole chicken and 8 thighs. I used almost a whole bag of wood chunks., for a 3 hr smoke. This time I used the about the same amount on a 10 hr smoke. So I'm hoping it will get better as time goes on.

I'm LOVIN' it.

Thanks for all your help.
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Looks like it turned out awesome! You'll get better every time you throw something on the grates! Keep up the good smokes.
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Now your hooked.

Happy smoken.


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Welcome to the Q obsession ! Haha.... Nice smoke & it's awesome feeling to know that YOU Q'ed it up ! beercheer.gif
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