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Football fans please read

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whats up everybody,

this is a post for the guys that get together on Sunday, crack a couple beers, chew the fat and watch NFL football. what are the best game time snacks you guys have made? i watch football on sundays with approx. 8 buddys and 3 of us always try and out do the other one when it comes to the best food (while the other guys just sit and eat....). today i'm thinkin i'm gonna take the crown with my smoked buffalo hot wings (they're in the Bradley right now)... any tips or suggestions for next week? whats the best football food (appy or main) that you guys eat? do you guys have a staple that is on the table every sunday, no questions asked? thanks guys

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How about a buffalo wing style fatty?

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I like my Crab Cakes, they can be made with just Lump or Special and you can make small cakes, balls wrapped in Bacon and smoked or stuffed in Jalapenos like ABT's...JJ


Crab Cakes...Thriller not Filler!


2Lb Crab Meat...picked over to remove any shell fragments...Try using a Black Light...Makes 'em GLOW!

2lg Eggs

1 1/2C Low Fat Mayo

2C Panko Bread crumbs

1/2C Scallion...Fine dice, about six each

1/2C Roasted Red Pepper... Fine dice, one medium

2T Roasted Garlic...About 8-10 cloves minced

2tsp Old Bay

1/2tsp Black Pepper

1T Lemon Juice


Combine all but the Crab and rest 15 minutes for flavors to develope and Bread Crumbs to soften.

Gently fold in Crab Meat.

Measure out 3 ounce Cakes on to cookie sheet and Bake at 450*F until Golden about 20 minutes or Smoke with fruit wood at 325*F to an IT of 165*F.

Makes about 16 each...


Here is another family fav. You can use Ribs or slice a Pork Butt 1-3" thick slices and make what restaurants often sell as Boneless Ribs...JJ



Char Siu... Chinese Roast Pork


1/2C Soy Sauce , low sodium(Kikkoman Green cap)

1/2C Brown Sugar

1/2C Shaoxing Wine* or Mirin

1/2C Hoisin sauce, Koon Chun* is best.

1/2tsp 5 Spice Powder or more to taste

1T Grated fresh Ginger

1tsp Minced fresh Garlic

1tsp Sesame Oil

1T Red Food Coloring (optional)


Makes about 2 Cups, enough for 8Lbs of either Pork Butt and Loin or 2 full racks of Ribs.


Items with an " * " are available at a Chinese Market. The rest and an el cheapo Hoisin is available at your local Mega Mart.


Marinate the pork for at least 24 Hours and 48 is better. Make sure to turn the meat in the marinade frequently to get the best result..

The Chinese Roast Hot and Fast...350*F for 3 inch thick slices or Pork Butt. Approximately 2 Hours or to 160*F and rest and 140*F for Loin (Too lean to go higher)

For Low and Slow...Smoke at 225*F to 250*F to an internal temp of 150*F for Butt to be Sliced, and 130*F for Loin. Then finish, both types of pork, the last 10*F on a hot Grill then rest.

In American Chinese Restaurants this is made in gas ovens but in China they cook over WOOD so mild smoke would be authentic here.

You can BOIL the Marinade with the De-Fatted meat dripping for a great sauce, thicken with a little cornstarch and water.

This recipe is great on RIBS Too!



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Pork Shots!


These are Mr. SQWIB's, and he always goes over the top. There are numerous others in the search engine, easier and maybe more to your liking, but its just hard to beat SQWIB for the wow faction.


Pork Shots...... fast, easy, inexpensive, delicious and I bet your friends never had one before!

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I like bacon wrapped bones!
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I would say ABTs' would be a big hit w/ a cold beer !

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Try a Tri-Tip for some Philly Cheese Steak Sammies, ABT's as suggested above, Scarbelly wings or some bacon wrapped pretzels are good too !

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Pork Butt Sliders :drool.Bake the Biscuits on the Grill too :icon_exclaim:

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Football Snacks???


See "MiamiRick" !!!




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Was in your shoes last night and this morning. I ended up going with "Chicken Drumettes" Wings.

I researched about brine or not to brine. Ended up brining them in water, vinegar, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.

Then this morning threw them in smoker with Hickory and Apple wood. About two hours in boom done.

Then dropped them on a hot grill to crisp skin ( I didn't need to do this though) the skin was perfect.

Then mixed them in a Buffalo sauce from the store.

I'm a rookie at the smoker and this is my best dish yet!

I loved them as did the others. I would have a Q-view but my phone battery is dead.

I am open to others ideas though I love trying new things!

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Nothing wrong with some great ribs! They are always a favorite. Also could double smoke some keilbalsas.
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