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Originally Posted by 5oclocksomewher View Post

How'd it turn out???popcorn.gif

It was good, but a little on the dry side. This was a point I separated from the flat, and it didn't have much fat. Next time, I'll foil at 170 degrees. It was just a tiny bit dry, with foil and 1/2 cup of beef broth I think it would have been perfect. Also, the 80% cherry and 20% hickory was a little mild. I added a serving spoon full to the chip pan every hour, which kept it smoking almost full time. I think next time I'll do 50/50 cherry and mesquite. The Montreal Steak Seasoning made it taste a little too much like steak, I won't use it again on brisket. The review sounds worse than it was, it was pretty good. Not great, but students in a school lunchroom would probably have raved over it. I'm looking forward to a brisket sandwich for lunch today and beef pot pie for dinner tomorrow night.



After an hour long rest.


Sliced very easily. It was tender, just a little dry.

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Looks Great from here. One of my fav way for next day brisket is on an English Muffin with egg, cheese, and white horseradish sauce.
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Looks good from here. I think you are right, the foil with beef broth would have done the trick. Nice job, Cheers!

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I would love to have some of that. Nice.



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My brisket sandwich was real good today.

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