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Here's the first one I smoked on my gas grill.
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What ITs do you shoot for in chicken and pork? I see charts that say 160 for pork but I read where guys take it to 195 or 200. So Till I know more I'm a little leery about doing pork. I did it once and it wasn't that great. I was told I should have cooked it longer. 

Boy, now you have started the debate. It is OK to use temp for chicken. But for brisket and pork butt, IT is not the be all and end all if you want to pull the meat. The poke test is the way to check for doness. You have a lot of reading to do to get up to speed. In the mean time, do some cooking.:welcome1:

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Pork butts ARE pretty easy.  I've tried several different ways to prep, dry rub, marinate, brining, injecting, whatever else you can think of, and to tell the truth, they all ended up tasting great, with good juicy meat.


I just ran several butts in my smoker last weekend.  Many guys foil wrap them, but I confess, I cheat.  I smoked them for 5 to 6 hours over apple wood, keeping the smoker running about 225 degrees.  I pulled them out and put them in cake pans, covered them with foil, and put them in a 200 degree oven for another 5 or 6 hours.


The trick I've found that works for me, is that the internal temp has to get above 185 for the collegen holding the muscle tissues together to break down.  Hence the great results from the "low and slow" approach.  When I got up Sunday morning, the house smelled great, and the pork was ready to be pulled.  Had several dinners, and lots to put in the freezer.


Good luck with your new smoker, and have fun!


Smoke On!

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