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OK, never gonna do a prime rib in the oven again. I'm assuming this comes with horseradisch?

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That looks perfect to me.  Great job and good eats!!  Reinhard

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Oh man... Now I have to wipe my screen off again!


That looks SO good, Smoked Alaskan! My first try at smoked Prime Rib looked like that, but tasted terrible...


Take my advice: don't smoke beef in apple.


Just... Don't.

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Thanks for the advice, I always prefer to learn from other peoples mistakes if I can ha.

Of course there's always plenty of them I make to teach others :)

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Always happy to help a fellow Alaskan ex-patriate!


I still have a chunk of that Prime Rib in the freezer; I ought to thaw it out and see if it has mellowed any.

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When/where were you at in Alaska? I grew up in Anchorage but left the city in '96. Lived in Big Lake area until last spring

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Beautiful beast!
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I was born and raised in Turnagain; I moved to Portland in the early 90s.


But my mom lives with me, and she lived in Anchorage from 1955 until 2011.

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Great looking prime ribI'

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Wow, that looks perfect! I haven't done a Prime rib in a while but now I need to get one for this or next weekend.

Great job!

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Wow! Looks awesome. What time is dinner?
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