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Spare ribs chinese vibe.

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I bought some of the assado that I used in the last rib post I did then poached them in master stock for about 90 minutes.

My master stock is one of my earliest threads .Its a reusable stock based on many chinese ingredients built of several soy sauces,chinese rice wine,then lots of bits,ginger,garlic,star anise ,dried mushrooms,shallots, fennel seed ,cilantro root,orange peel the list goes on.


I let these sit overnight in the stock to cool in fridge .Now they will go in the smoker for maybe an hour at fairly hot maybe 120c.


I will strain this & refreeze it. Bout a litre .Next time out I will thaw it add a litre of chicken stock ,ginger ,1/2 an orange,some green onions,kaffir lime leaf, star anise,garlic,cilantro,celery tops, whatever else I see as a fit .Ready to go again.

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This is the original with all the details. 

They say there are master stocks in some chinese kitchens that are older than the chefs! Pity the  poor apprentice that knocks that pot over:hit:.

They just adda few ladles of the super concentrated master & build it up from there.I have mine split into poultry & red meat ,I think :biggrin:

You can tweak it to suit your meat .Often the poach things like pigeon ,duck or chicken ,cool it, dry it, then hit it hard & fast in the wok.

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110.gif  Waiting patiently!!!



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Ready shortly. In the MES ,mix of apple & bourbon barrell.
I will just drizzle a bit of master stock over them if they need it.
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Looks fantastic Mick!
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Really tasty! Poaching made them really tender & I tick the healthy box because I skimmed the fat.
You get all the Chinese flavours & some citrus then the smoke over the top . I just reboiled a bit of the stock bumped it with a little hoi sin sauce.
You could easy grill or wok them if you wanted a crispy texture .
I have about 12 bits of oxtail in the freezer ,I can see that in the future.
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