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Sprint Chase Smoked Wings

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The chase field is set after tonight's race at Richmond. Since I couldn't attend in person I thought I'd smoke some wings and enjoy it from the comfort of my barstool at home...

Today feels like the hottest day of the entire summer. It's about 92° and easily 95% humidity. So why not fire up the smoker...

Wings rubbed with lots of extra cayenne.

The WSM is running wide open at about 290-295° with a chunk of hickory and a chunk of apple on top of what was left of my second weird bag of KBB.

Wings racked and ready for about 2 hours in the smoke.

The smoke is thin, the beer is ice cold, and WZZO is cranking some good music! Stay tuned.
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Looking tasty! I almost did wings today, but got lazy!
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Lookin awesome tjs.... Doing some ribs & ABT's for the race ! Should be a good one !
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I must be doing something right. 2nd time I fired up the smoker and had a visitor within 30 minutes.

I'm not sure where this guy comes from but he must have a good nose.
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It's like the neighbors and the weather know as soon as I light the cooker... Sun was roasting all day while I was cutting brush in my hunting spot, light the cooker and an hour later here it comes...

Here it comes.... my damn wings are going to overcook!

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These wings will make you smack someone.... 6 minutes in hot oil to finish what the rain ruined...


No sauce necessary!!!
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Best way to do them. Looks yummy!

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I'd like to see the outcome without a massive downpour at about 2 hours into these. I think I can get them close just in the real hot smoker.
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Yummy looking wings!!!!!



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The wings look great!

That's the nice about the Mini-WSM. Rains no big deal. Nor is snow or hail. It will just keep chugging along!
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Nice wings , I too sometimes fry my wings after a little smoke. Good to have a 'plan B' .


Keep it up and as always . . .

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Looks tasty. I like the smoked then fried approach.

Happy smoken.


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