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Smoking a Whole Hog

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How long would you Smoke a 100lb Hog on a Gas Grill with a Smoker Box ?

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That's gotta be one big gas grill, does it have a rotisserie? 

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Till it's done! Like everything else it all depends on the meat. It will get done when it wants to get done. Maybe some more info will help get you better answers. What temp do you plan in cooking at? The one whole pig that I've done so far on a smoker was a small guy of 50lbs and I cooked him at 250 till he was falling apart and it took 14 hours.
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going to cook at 225 and start the smoke when I start cooking the Pig. like around 10 hrs.

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IT is a Gas Pig Cooker

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Well you seem to have answered your own question. Hopefully your guesstimate will be right biggrin.gif make sure you get lots of qview
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