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Last weekend pulled pork

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Boneless shoulder. Forgot to take any pics before, but here is the final product.

Funny, cos I mostly do not eat meat at all (except Fish, chicken and BACON! Cos who can resist BACON!) My wife and teenager seem to like what I cook, tho. And it is always fun to make something others like. They said this one was the best so far (only had smoker since June.). I am trying ribs today and of course didn't take any before pics again. Hope the after will make good ones.

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Hello , Jethro ! Your PP looks good , nice smoke ring and a bunch of 'Bark' , great .


How did you do it and what did you cook it on? Length of cook , weight of raw Butt , and fuel used !  We like info. th_dunno-1[1].gif .


Have fun and  . . .

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That's some tasty looking pulled pork! Nice smoke!
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About 3 1/2 lb. of meat if I recall correctly.  Had a little trouble keeping temps down, so inconstant on heat.  From 250 up to 300 at times.  Char-griller side smoke box.  Ozark Oak lump and qpplewood chunks for the smoke.



about 5 hours total.  Pulled it at 203 F and it pulled real easy after sitting in the cooler for an hour.

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Got to love the pork shoulder/butt very relaxing virtual hands free goodness. Ribs on the other hand I have been satisfied but not amazed by my own results. 

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I agree.  I did ribs again today and much better than last time.  I am thinking they were fine and they were eaten well, but it just never seems to set my mind at ease with ribs like the PP does.  Never feel as sure about them before they are served.

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Some of the ribs from today.  Pre-cut at Butcher's.  Applewood smoke.3-2-1 method, but actually cut the last hour short.  When I unwrapped and started to remove from foil, they were falling apart off the bone.  Just left on smoker long enough to cook in some sauce. 35-40 minutes maybe.

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