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First brisket

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I'm hoping this thing turns out bad ass plan on letting it rest for about a hour in foil and towels in a cooler
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110.gif Im in.......lots of Q-View please!!!


Good luck and good smoking



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Had to peek in and snapped this
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Looking fine and is still there , now close the lid and sit back , it ain't going anywhere. Watch your Therm. for IMT , and pull around 200*F . Hold on , you may have a stall , just wait  it out , do not change the temp. :police2:


Have fun and . . .

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I think it turned out damn good I did cooked it at 200* for 5 hours it was almost 6lbs after I pulled it out I let it rest for a hour in foil wrapped in a heavy towel in a cooler some parts were more tender than others but all in all myself and every one else was happy with it so next id like to try a meatloaf ??
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200 and it cooked for 5 hours?   Hmmmmm?



I love a smoked meatloaf.

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Yeah is that too long not long enough ?? Never did a brisket so ??
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My last one I did I cooked at 275 for 5 hours and it could have went longer.


Some spots wasnt tender.

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I know it's a not so easy cut to get perfect I was actually thinking about doing it for about 8-10 hours but Thought it might dry it out ?? So I opted to do it by the a hour per pound maybe that was a bad idea ??
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Need to go to toothpick tender and I wasnt quite there but I was hungry.



Dont cook my time, every piece of meat is different.

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What was the IT at the time you pulled it off the rack?
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Ok i have the hang of most meats chicken pork butts, loins the one thing I like tondo is smoke pepper if you've never done that it's fun and easy
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This new smoker I have dosnt have a probe I need to get one and run up thru the vent my old one did and it was nice
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MES smoker?
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Flebag , the time value is just an estimate of the time you're to be committed to the cook , then it may be longer. The 'toothpick' test is your true test of tenderness . Stick it in several places . See if it goes in  and out like pushing a hot knife through Butter . Close , then wrap it and rest . You will see a great difference and still have juicy meat.


Butts are the same way , thefat and con nective tissues  need time to break downand as Farmer says . every oiece of meat is different , let it go and you'll have Meat you don't need teeth to eat :icon_exclaim:


have fun and . . .

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Yeah I did notice that the thin part of the meat was super tender pulled apart and melted in your mouth as to the thicker majority of the meat wasn't as soft and juicy this was a big learning curve for me this time next time I'm planning on doing a longer and a little bit of a hotter cook on it and have a tooth pick on hand
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And thank you all for your advise and help I'm sure it will be needed in the near future like this Friday night coming
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That was a good bit of helpfull info there thanks Gary
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