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Ready to smoke!

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Installed a rack to hang sausages, turned on to 250 for an hour added hickory dust half way through. Will be making snack sticks in the morning. Tonight mixing beef (90/10 fat) and pork. Will be 80% beef 20 % pork. Using Hi Mountain seasoning (garlic black pepper & cajun) . 5 pounds of each.

Can't wait till tomorrow!
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Have fun , Lothar . Will be watching . . .:popcorn

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Lothar has a clean box!!!!!   :biggrin:


Now get that thing dirty!!



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Sorry, got way behind. I am on call for my work and got paged for an issue :(
Didn't get going till 3 PM . Rushed as wife was going out tonight on top of it. Sorry for the lack of picks.

Used up my clear casing, seemed to tear easy, unlike the tan ones. In the MES at 100 bumped up 15 degrees per hour. Currently at 145 with pellets smokin. Will put meat probe in shortly. All used my LEM Jerky Canon for the first time. Jerky in the dehydrator currently.
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Jerky from the LEM Canon

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