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Starting big after a long hiatus. Need some help.

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Hey Everyone,


I was hoping to get some advise.  It has been a while since i have smoked anything do to the building of my smoker (coming along nicely.  Slowly but nicely).  I am going to be smoking some beef spare ribs tomorrow for a large group and i just want to make sure my method is still sound.


Beef Spare ribs:  3-2-1  method.


3 hours at 225

2 hours at 225 wrapped in two layers of tin foil and a bit of apple sauce.

1 hour wrapped in a towel and blankets and put in a cooler.


then of course the 30 mins needed for resting the meat.


I have been seeing people talk about using a 2-2-1 method for beef spares.  What is everyone's thoughts on this?  And does anyone have any suggestions for me?  Thanks in advance for all your help on this i just want to make sure the people i am cooking for are happy.

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Jason , welcome back. So , show us some Q-view of your build , and tell us what you did and the design.Thumbs Up


The Ribs , sounds like a plan , they will be very tender with a soft Bark . I like the no foil method , I use my 'Probe therm.' and leave the lid shut until I see the finish temp., I go for 190*F and test . Them add whatever you want to glaze with , if you glaze. I feel it is to be used as a condiment , the Meat should stand on it's own :drool


I did a lot of these Ribs in Texas , however they are worthless here in Ohio , stripped of all but the bone and enough meat for a bird.


Have fun and  . . .

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I'd have to agree....I've had little luck with beef ribs IMO for the price paid here. Little meat on them and I'm never happy so basically have quit doing them. I personally would never do them for a large group...LOL....not wanting to submit my peeps to a lousy performance by me......I'll stick with spares and butts.....Willie

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Its actually a BBQ for a friend.  he purchased a bunch of meat and asked me to be the smoke master.  I couldn't say no lol.  So am just basically there to cook.  I typically don 't like the soft bark i may try your method of just leave it till done at 190*

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smoking 225 temp - pull at 203 - bone side down - no foil.


The pressure is on, I might have done a couple of runs before cooking for a group of people, but I guess that is the excitement. Is this the only meat being served?


Edit here: Any thoughts that 2 hours in foil could make meat mushy?


Im thinking a good steak rub (black pepper, salt, granulated garlic with ancho chili powder and cayenne pepper)


I do not know about the apple sauce, but you have peeked my interest. I might go run and get some and throw on with the shoulders and brisket i m doing tomorrow.

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What i have found in the past is for certain meats the foil process def makes it way more tender that someone may prefer.  We smoked a couple butts yesterday cause i wanted to get a feel for how his smoker holds heat.  Took about 10 hours for 10 pound butt.  I had to leave his house so i don't know how the final product came out.  I would of loved to do a few test runs before hand but i was on vacation and couldn't do it.  now i have to jump right in.

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