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My first smoke (real smoke), Hog Shots with Q view

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So I've decided to give hog shots a crack.
An impromptu after tea drinks catch up with mates, no better time imo..
Any I've sorta gone on the fly for the filling.
Equal amounts sour cream and cream cheese.
Vintage cheese, cheddar grated.
Equal amounts paprika, cinnamon and a few others.

Now all made up and awaiting the start..
Using some old oak from a wine barrel. So it'll have a subtle wine flavour I hope..
Anyway, will start cooker around 530 and have the shots in at 6..
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Smoker primed and ready for launch..
1 hour and counting
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So for some reason it's letting me down. After an hour It barely hit 60..
Added more beads to the heap and the meat. Good news is it climbing to 100 now so it should be ok. Just little delayed
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So we got there in the end lol..
They look sweet..

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Cheers Mate!

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And taste wicked.
Very happy with it..
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interesting setup you got there and I'm impressed how they held up with sour cream in them....nicely done sir.......Willie

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Very good , Bigwesty . Looks really good :drool . Keep thegoodies coming  , and as you Blokes down under , good show Mate :drool .


Get adventurous , try a larger Meat , Pork Butt (shoulder) is a great choice and will test your 'Will and Patience' . You can not mess them , they are good no matter what :icon_exclaim:.


A starting point ,if needed , cook at 225*F and to 200*F IMT. Very good and hold well...:drool


G-day Mate and . . .

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Very interesting smoke Paul, nice job!


What type of pork was that? Just regular sliced ham?

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Yummmmy!!  Nice job



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You need to do a couple of things to make them perfect.


1. Fly to Canada.

2. Drive to the Rocky Mountains.

3. Cook those here.

4. Join me in a beer while we eat them.


They look great!



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NICE !!!  very nice,  Looks great


Gary S

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Thanks for the replies guys.
I'd love a trip to Canada.. :-D
Yea sorry I forgot to mention I work in Celsius..
So for you guys my cook temp was 248 F.. ;-)

Anyway the water bath did extremely well at regulating the temp..when the cook was over I removed the bath and the temps climbed to 180 degrees C...

Original recipe called for kabasa which seems to be a German sausage..
Was unable to find any such stuff locally so went with Kabana..
And wife bought just regular bacon rashers, so there was a bit of wastage removing the fat and shaping so it was bite sized but it all came together.

The came out as man sized bites.
I think you could really mess with the filling, and do pretty much what ever you like..
They are a really versatile little thing to cook..
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