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5 Boston butts

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Well I've really gone and done it now. My unit is having a safety stand down/ BBQ tomorrow and guess who got volunteered to smoke?! We took up donations and the commissary happened to have butts for $1.93/lb so we got 5.

Only problem is the lid on the chargriller won't close with all five on there. Luckily a contractor buddy has a Bradley electric smoker that he let me borrow. So I'll do 3 in one and 2 in the other. Gonna be a long night.
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That's the way to do it...


Put them in and forget about them till temp. time :yahoo:



Have fun and . . .

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My main issue is I have the chargriller duo, so the CC isn't that big. Once I modify my other grill into a reverse flow, I'll be able to do ten butts with room to spare.
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Sounds like a fun night.


Post some pics too.

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I hate to even mention this, but....... You know you can get the smoke rolling and then finish them in the oven. If it gets too much of a hassle Gunny.


Just a thought.

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That's exactly what I intend to do. Smoke about 6 hours and then for another 6 or so into the oven. But they don't need to know that...
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Looks like a fun night and thanks for your service Gunny!

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Everyone loved the meat.

This is what's left out of all 5.

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That looks great Gunny. Sure looks strange to me seeing women in camo though. I am sure its a better service for them being there though.


Ya know I would hate to have to guess how many to cook to feed a bunch of Marines (that wasn't my first choice of names,........ ROFL).


Great job, nothing greater than seeing a bunch of smiling Marines. You know you are no longer in trouble.

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They were quite happy. Usually their interaction with me consists of them getting yelled at for something.
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For these days, you got a good price in my area.


When I get the desired amount of smoke on them, I am not too proud to put them in the oven and get some rack time.


I don't have to tell you?


Keep yelling at them!


You are saving lives!


Good luck and good smoking.

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