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Hi all , I'm  a bit confused about sausage on ABTs. I plan on making some on Sat with some of my homemade hot Italian sausage(pork). Some posts say to precook the sausage and others say to put on top of the cheese mixture raw and it will cook along w/ the bacon. Are both acceptable or is one idea better than the other ?  thanks, CM

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I prefer cooked somewhat anyhow.
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Yea, I think I would precook or partial cook.
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Personally, I always make my ABT's with pre cooked.
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I always precook.  I don't want any nasties from raw sausage on my ABT's. 



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OK, Precooked it will be, thank-you for the replies. This site is awesome !

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    Q -view of  Yesterdays ABTs, They went down quickly with cold beer !

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Looking good
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Nicely done
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Originally Posted by CrazyMoon View Post

    Q -view of  Yesterdays ABTs, They went down quickly with cold beer !


I can understand that, good show!


Great looking.

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Nice job...those look delicious! icon14.gif


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i woudnt pre cook.....but thats just me....

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