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Just ordered my WSM 22 1/2" smoker ! Can't wait to get started. I have a lot to learn and I look forward to hearing from a lot of you guys and reading your posts. It should be here next week.

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You'll love it! The WSM is a very solid unit. You will not have a steep learning curve at all.

And these forums have an answer for everything just in case you can't figure something out.
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I have had mine just about a year now. Love it, so easy to use. The thing I think I learned the most is it takes time, you can not rush it. Also, as they say, just do it. Getting started is the  hardest part. With all the information and options out there it can be intimating but once you get around that using the WSM is a lot of fun and great food. Start simple and go from there.

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Thanks for the information and the encouragement, it is much appreciated !

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Thanks !

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Awesome smoker! I've had mine for a few months and it has been a pleasure to smoke on. I try to find something to smoke on it every weekend.
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I agree great smoker and super easy to use!