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I never ran mine without mods but with them this is the easiest pit I have run into leave the stack wide open I had the vent on the burn box wide open till it got to 240 then went to 1/2 I use charcoal and haven't added any since the start up and it's been 6hrs or so I think the ash box I built is the reason it works so well with long burn times
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I just bought a new OJ Highland. Planning to seal both doors, elbow on stack, put firebox deflector in and plates. I have a question on sealing the fire box to cooking chamber. 


I bought the display model so it was already assembled so I was wondering if over time and with use would that joint seal itself with natural build up?

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It could maybe over time, but make sure your nuts and bolts are tight joining the cook chamber and fire box together. Recheck them after a few smokes.
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Has anyone made or bought a heat plate for their highland? I made my own out of 1/8" steel and drilled holes in it from 3/8 up to
1 1/4" holes. The dimensions are 16x32. When I first fired it up I still had temp differences of up to 40-50 degrees, so I covered the first row of holes with foil and temps stabilized within 10 degrees so I thought I was set until I did my first full cook last week. I loaded the smoker down with 40 lbs of butt and it completely covered the cooking grates. I fought with my fire for almost the whole cook, just didn't seem like I had a good draft. I'm wondering if I have made my plate to long as the cooking chamber is I think close to 34-36"? With my baffle and the plate I am essentially covering the whole opening. I also had a bowl under my wood grate in the firebox to collect the ash and that may have restricted airflow under the fire. I have no other mods like the exhaust elbow, sorry about the long post just trying to figure out if I should maybe cut 3-4" off the end of my plate. Here's a picture of my plate
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