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First time Summer Sausage

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So over the Labor Day weekend I decided to try my first Summer Sausage.

I used the below recipe

2- pounds ground beef
1- teaspoon ground black pepper
1- teaspoon whole mustard seed
1-teaspoon celery seed
1- teaspoon garlic powder
2- teaspoons liquid hickory smoke
2- rounded teaspoons Morton's Quick Curing Salt

Friday I mixed the spices in a 1/4c of cold water and then mixed in the meat.

Saturday morning I remixed the meat and again Sat night.

Sunday morning remixed the meat and stuffed into fib casing in the afternoon.

Monday Smoke Time

2 hrs at 120 - smoke
2 - 2 1/2 at 150
Finished off at 225

Pulled the SS at IT 160 -165

Then into an ice bath until IT temp of 100

Tuesday sliced it and the meat was great but there was still a taste of salt. I don't want to cut the curing salt.

Thinking of adding some Brown sugar, corn syurp, white pepper, more garlic and onion powder.

I also though of adding pork fat?

Any thoughts would be great.

Sorry for no pic's
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CC, evening.... Switch to cure #l.... That would then be 2.2 grams / 3/8 tsp. / 0.08 oz. cure #1.... per 2#'s ground beef......
and you can then adjust, the salt...
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Dave has you covered, sounds like good snausages:sausage: but one thing what I would do only take your smoker up to 170 for a IT on meat of 152 then Ice bath, going to 225 could get you fat out next time, oh and pics :police2:LOL 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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