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Greetings From Indy

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Greetings All -


Neophyte here...


Just received a MES30, learning how to use it.

I grew up with an uncle who smoked lots of foods, and I used to be a pastry chef. Cooking is a blast, and this is just a new adventure for me to learn.  I am excited to see what craziness this will turn into (you should see me during canning season).  We also camp nearly every weekend, and I bring my large collection of Cast Iron to cook over the fire/coals.   


I know there is a ton of information shared here, and I am thanking everyone in advance.


First run, split chicken breasts w skin/bone (already brined, and setting out to rest) in the MES30 for dinner tonight. And yes, I have read about the skin issue and learned how to overcome it (the grill will be ready for the final touch).


Next run - top round (it has been in the freezer for a while), already has EVOO & SPOG, hope to fire that up tomorrow.   Yeah, I am expecting it to be tough, but it is often that way in the Dutch ovens over the fire/coals.


As my 15 year old son says (6'2, 245#, lean machine - plays HS rugby)... It is good to be fat, there is too much good food in life to be skinny and not enjoy it.


Have a Super Day, and may your wood always smoke!

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Welcome to the board! Chicken is a great way to start and learn your rig's quirks.

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Good morning and a big hello from East Texas. Welcome to the forum, lots of information and great people.


Gary S

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Blue, Gary -

Thanks for the warm and smoky welcome.


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ok, chicken is done. Came out pretty good.


Brine overnight, let it air dry this morning.


Did not season it with anything else, as I wanted to have a baseline to know how much smoke flavor was infused, so I can learn a good seasoning balance.


In the Smoker (MES30) @ 215 degrees, hickory chips. 1.5 hours it was at 150 internal, took it out and grilled to finish. Skin crisped but kinda "burned."  I think next time pull it at internal 160-165 before grill to crisp up.


Middle Son (it is good to be fat, because food is so good), said please make this again, maybe a bit more salt/pepper.


We are off to a great start. 


Thanks to everyone who posts here, as the information gave me a great start!


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