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Pork shoulder & spare ribs with Q-View

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Today I smoked a 6 pound shoulder and a full rack of spare ribs using Royal Oak and pecan logs for fuel. I yard Jeff's rub & finishing sauce on the shoulder and his rub on the ribs. Best shoulder I've ever done, & the ribs were a big hit, but I thought they were too close to falling off the bone.7bd8b2b6f5bbfb663dd9c6697298d8de.jpgae0200076caca0ac3ca9bebb83f126bc.jpgb442cf6a4d85494fb7dfbed6f072d5b5.jpgee4e2b08afe3417165bc6c5e3b24a249.jpge8cc1913d65a7974fdee8c4361a6ff3d.jpgc9eb4f3842a62b7b305d60a534b7f848.jpg43b7927d1f60efbe4202db54b703c9a9.jpg82291d997fda733ca16c5021f75dfb67.jpgb7572402e88255eedb765f7bde712400.jpgcd26aae3f1f0ab69850210617fef0b8d.jpg
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Great looking smoke! 

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Nmasdt , good job , beautiful color , keep up the good work :drool , and as  always . . .

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great job....beautiful color on everything.....Willie

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