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First Smoke came out good..Q View

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My first smoke, It turned out pretty good. I brined and rubbed, I used Pecan and Apple mix...Now that Ive gotten my first smoke out of the way now on to Ribs next weekend! Any tips or tricks? 



Getting their smoke on....


2 Different rubs one McCormick Maple and the other Plowboys





Cooked some legs for my daughter too...she had to tear into one..Just salt and pepper on those..




Nice and juicy, pretty good for my first one..but it only gets better from here!

Thanks for all the tips and pointers on my last post!

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Usually the chicken just does her job and lays eggs.


This time your birds were committed to the goal.


Looks good from here?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Nice Birds , Smokeit :drool.


Tips ; keep the smoker door shut and use my 'Matra' . . . be patience and be diligent , be patience and be diligent . . .


Have fun and .  . .

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Those birds look beautiful. Nice smoke. I love ribs. If you do a search, you will find so many great recipes to smoke ribs. Some use 3-2-1 or 2-2-1. Some foil, some don't foil. Bottom line just jump right in and enjoy. If you have a good thermometer, you can check your temps on the ribs. I like my temps190-195. Some people use the bend test, where they pick up half the rack with tongs and if the other half bends and splits, they're done. That way can lead to a little overdone for my taste. Anyway congrats and good luck!!! sausage.gifyahoo.gif
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Dem some fine lookin birds. Nice smoke ya got there.


Every smoke you learn or re-learn, its part of the enjoyment.

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Great looking chicken!!! Advice on ribs? Search bar.....ribs....and read a lot on what's been said.
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