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Happy Labor (of love) Day!!

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The big guy has been working a festival (pro sound engineer) for the past four days; I'm gunna smoke him a rack of ribs, but I wanna give him a bit more...

I have a beautiful summer squash in the fridge, beautiful bacon, about 2 dozen fresh eggies, a bit of fresh sausage left over from last year's late spring slaughter. Suggestions?

Yesterday I smoked 2 dozens wings, a small whole chicken and cauliflower which I mashed, added asiago & parm, threw back in the smoker with a touch of wildflower honey and turb sugar to create a something akin to a sweet potato au gratin....

He's been awesome with the dietary restrictions I now have to live with on top of the hugely insane schedule I have to maintain with work... I want to show him, and he deserves, my gratitude! So we have three hours, let's get it on!!!!
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Edited because autocorrect sucks!!
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Smokeusome , dang , I'll come and be your engineer , lucky dude.


Hey , some Fried Squash(incornmeal/flour) , a 'Fattie' wrapped in Bacon with good cheese and Chiles , and Smoked Deviled Eggs . :drool You'll have him ... :icon_redface: .


Have fun and . . .

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I was nosey and wanted to know how your meal went...:confused:


Have fun and . . .

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Bump... I was hoping for an update . Did the Romance Bloom :icon_question: Seemed as they would be a nice couple. :cool:


Oh, man...have fun and . . .

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