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Help me decide what to do with 15lbs of ribeyes!

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I won a 15lb cryopacked boneless rib roast, a.k.a one big chunk of meat begging to be sliced into bea-u-tiful steaks...but I don't want to be hasty an hacking it up...what else can I do? I've not smoked much (any) beef.

My other question is that this is straight from the packers, no dating on the package. How long can/should I age it in the fridge?

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Need my address? Send it here and your problems will be over. I would cut it in portions vac pack and freeze.

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OHH NOO!  What a shame!  Tell you what,  I'll pay shipping and you can send it to me and your PROBLEM IS SOLVED!  :icon_biggrin:  WOW! What a GREAT piece of beef.  No label on the package makes it tough.  Can you not find out the packer it came from?  21 days easy wet cure, even 30+ days dry cure but you don't know the history.  It may have been wet cured.  Hard to tell from the picture.  I assume it is boneless??  I would assume being that you won it it is a fresh piece of meat as they probably wouldn't give away a cured piece like that, but you never know.  In my opinion if you can not find any details the best thing you could do is cut into steaks and one large chuck to smoke.  Freeze them all.  I don't see any other way to proceed.  Maybe others have better advice.  We can learn together.  Keep Smoking!


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There is absolutely no labeling on the plastic, it there was a use/freeze by date I'd be set. Regardless it takes up a lot of fridge space so it might get hacked up tomorrow night.

It is boneless. I'm thinking 3rds; 1/3 will be 3/4" steaks, about 1/3 will be thick cut 1.25" steaks, then the remainder will make for a prime rib I'll smoke this fall
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Loper , that's my idea , thirds and 3 nice meals and a bunch of lunch sammies :icon_exclaim:


Shame on you guys , ask him to invite you ,you know-"If you pay the way ,I can come". you understand he won't give the whole thing away , or would you , Loper :icon_question: :ROTF


Have fun and . . .

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Whatever ya decide to do, I'd suggest doing a reverse sear on a couple 1-1/4" steaks ! icon14.gif
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Bearcarver has been copied many many times on prime rib roasts. Its hard to go wrong usings Bears tutorial.

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