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Yeah, can't help you with the cost of raw almonds in Australia.  I stopped buying them from my local grocer because they were too expensive.  Here in the States Trader Joe's has raw almonds for $5.99/lb.  I used the Trader Joe's almonds for the 3 lb party bag I mentioned above. 


Bulk packs are available on Amazon for around $5.50/lb.  My wife picked up a 5 lb bulk package from the Blue Diamond headquarters store for $5.27/lb. I have 7 lbs of almonds left to smoke and experiment with for recipes.   


The smoker's been cold for the last 10 days or so due to schedules.  Hopefully this weekend Apple Wood Smoked Honey Almonds, Asian Hot n' Spicy Almonds, Spicy Chili Lime Almonds, Teriyaki Sweet and Smoky Almonds, and Costco Useless Fajita Seasoning Almonds.  I'm making the recipes up as I go, shigg'n ideas off the Internet then seeing what I have in the cabinets I'm not using. Almonds are as versatile as pork butts or chuckies; just about any flavor works with them.  I'll post the recipes that turn out good.


Interesting thing.  I snack on almonds at work because I often don't get a break for lunch until 2-3PM, and sometimes no lunch at all.  I always loved Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds.  We had an unopened 1 lb package in the cabinet I took to work this week because I ran out of the home smoked almonds in my desk.  I was shocked to realize yesterday I don't care for the Smokehouse almonds at all any more!  They are okay because that's all I have, but now they taste so artificial compared to my home smoked.         

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Only on a smoker forum will you find men complimenting each other on their nuts and butts.  All joking aside, they look great.  Nuts are definitely something I want to try in the future.

LOL Addertooth!!! I was thinking the exact same thing...I had to chuckle to myself.  This is what I absolutely LOVE about this forum........not only do we learn something new everyday but we have some fun along the way!    Will definitely try smoking some nuts for the holiday. Those nuts look amazing Noboundaries. Great recipe and thanks for sharing.


Josie aka SmokinVegasBaby!

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I smoked up 5 lbs of almonds today, five different 1 lb recipes.  1 lbs of the BBQ almonds I've already mentioned.  They are one of my favorites.  Two that were okay but need work are the Chili Lime Almonds and the Asian Hot n' Spicy Almonds.  Two that were a big hit were the Costco Fajita Seasoning Almonds, which I've renamed Salt and Vinegar Almonds, plus Honey Almonds.


Salt and Vinegar Almonds is the same recipe as the BBQ almonds I've already posted, but substitute Costco Fajita Seasoning for the BBQ spice and Seasoned Rice Vinegar for the Worcestershire Sauce.  Everything else is the same.


I didn't take any pics because I was doing so much experimenting.  I've got two pounds of raw almonds left that I will use to make the Honey Almonds and will document the easy process from beginning to end.  The Honey Almonds were our new favorite.  So simple to make.  I also found that 285F chamber temp for one hour works perfectly for everything I tried. 


Honey Roasted Smoked Almonds


First Attempt:  Came out wonderfully delicious.


3 Tbs Honey Powder
1 Tbs Simple syrup  
1 tsp Kosher salt
2 Tbs Raw sugar
16 oz raw almonds



1. Preheat smoker to 285°F using a milder wood like apple, cherry, or oak.

2. Soak the almonds in plain cold water for exactly 10 minutes.

3. Mix all coating ingredients except the raw sugar in a large bowl.  It will make a kind of a thin paste.

4. Drain the soaked almonds in a colander, then add to the bowl with the ingredients.  Stir repeatedly until the clumps of the paste have broken up and completely coated the wet almonds.

5. Place the nuts on an oiled grill topper then sprinkle with the raw sugar crystals.  Use more if needed.

6. Smoke for 60 minutes.  Nuts should be slightly crunchy.  Remove from the smoker to cool and harden thoroughly for about 2 hours.

Servings: 16

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