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Newbie Smoking whole chickens for Labor Day..Help!

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Hey guys, Newbie from Alabama here..I have a Masterbuilt gas smoker. Im wanting to smoke 2 whole chickens, I have looked through the threads some and went with the Slaughter House brine that I did last night and took out earlier today rinsed off and put some Plowboys Yardbird rub on them. Just seasoned the smoker by wiping down the inside and spraying with Pam and added some hickory chucks and its been going for about 2 hours. Are there any tips you can help me with on this smoker? Placement, Temp, Time I need to smoke the chickens at. I did butterfly ( cut backbone out) the chickens if that makes any difference. I think I am going with apple or cherry for wood selection tomorrow. Should I add water or does that make a difference? I am also throwing a batch of chicken legs for the kids since that is there favorite part, anything I should do different for them? Thanks for any help. I am looking forward to this! I have had this smoker for a year and this will be the first time I had the guts to fire up..




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Don't cook by time. Cook to IT. You want 165° in the breast and 170° in the thigh. You didn't say what temp you were planning to use. I would shoot for 325° You can go colder if you like. If you are using a rub with sugar in it you will need to stay below 250° you will have a rubbery skin if you don't kick the temp up at least in the last little bit. I don't use water in the pan. I put sand in and cover it in foil. Remember to keep the door closed. It is done when it is done.

Happy smoken.


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Go with Mules lead , you won't be disappointed :drool 


Have fun and . . .

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