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1st beef brisket, pork butt and a new back porch

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Set up my kettle grill with charcoal, hickory chunks and cherry chunks about 8:00 Friday night. Removed the pork from the fridge, applied a second layer of rub, and put on the grill to smoke about 9:00 p.m.

At about 3:30 Saturday morning I transferred the pork to another kettle grill that was loaded with fuel. I then refueled the grill the pork was on, went inside removed the brisket, applied another coat of rub and placed on the grill.

In the morning my dad and my cousin came over and helped me rip out my back steps and we began to build an new porch.

At noon I put a pot of Dutch's beans over a burnt down fire to simmer till dinner time.

Pork hit 203 at 3:30 and got wrapped up and put in cooler until dinner time. Brisket hit 190 at 3:45. I removed from the grill, separated the point from the flat, wrapped the flat and placed in cooler. Then I cut the point into chunks, applied rub and a homemade bbq sauce and smoked uncovered for another 2 hours.

Finished product ready to eat

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:drool:That all looks good. Nice smoke ring.

Happy smoken.


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Looks delicious,


welcome to the forum

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Thanks for the positive feedback. I do have a question about the bark. I wrapped my flat in foil and let it rest for a couple hours before slicing. The meat was very tender and juicy but it made the bark soft. Is there a way to rest the meat that won't give me a soft bark on the flat?
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Nicely done!!!

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Great looking Meat.


Keep doing it that way and you'll have the neighborhood in arms wanting some    :icon_eek:


Have fun and . . .                     

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Color on everything looks fantastic.  Great Job,  Your Dad and cousin will be wanting to build a porch every weekend !!!


Gary S 

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