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It is starting to bark up nicely on the edges.

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foiled it about an hour ago, just opened it up to check temp, which was at 175 F.  bark is pretty much black on top now

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Looks good so far
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Wife wouldn't stop hassling me about dinner so I had to pull it out. :th_crybaby2:


Hopefully it'll still pull ok.  Looks like the bone is separated and will slide right out:



I also made some of that finishing sauce I've seen around here and man is it just delicious on its own!  I need to try some Eastern NC BBQ sometime.

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Yes, I ended the cook time and then rest time earlier than I should have but the end product was still outstandingly good.  My wife commented that it was some of the best pulled pork she'd ever had and I happen to agree with her.


My complaints are: the bark was underdeveloped, probably because it was too thin to begin with, and the pork didn't have a strong enough smoke flavor to suit me, though it was still there for sure (and I have oversmoked stuff in my offset smoker before, and the results were NOT pretty to say the least).


This is the second thing I've smoked in my MES 30" (2nd gen), the first being a whole chicken, and I continue to be happy with the product.


pulled and finished with apple cider vinegar based finishing sauce



(cooling juices visible in background)


bunned and topped with Carolina Gold (homemade)



re: sauce - I consider Maurice's (Irmo, SC) to be an exemplar of this style and have had the pleasure of eating there.  My sauce wasn't quite as good as theirs, but it was still delicious.  It's not as yellow because I used up a bottle of Plochman's (which isn't dyed bright yellow like say French's is).


The rest of the pulled butt will be used to stuff baked taters, for more sammiches, and served tomorrow night with collared greens and corn on the cob.


I was thinking of doing my next pulled pork with Alabama white sauce (exemplar - Dreamland BBQ, Huntsville, AL) but I liked this finishing sauce so much that I may just use that instead next time as a dip sauce. 

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Meant to put this in the last post:




~5:15 AM: turn on smoker, set to 275, load with hickory

  5:40 AM: pork butt on smoker, lower temp to 230

  8:05 AM: probed meat, temp at 110 F (now I know better... thanks guys)

  9:05 AM:  temp at 117 F .. by this time most wood reloads are pecan or hickory/pecan mix

10:25 AM:  temp at 134 F

11:25 AM:  temp at 149 F

11:55 AM:  temp holding at 149.  at this point I leave, go eat sushi, laugh at irony of eating sushi for lunch and then smoked pork for dinner, and hang out with wife's grandparents for a few hours


4:00 PM:  I'm back... temp at 163 F

5:00 PM:  165... I put butt in dripping fan and double foil

6:05 PM:  temp at 169 F

6:38 PM:  temp at 175 F

7:18 PM:  temp at 190 F

7:48 PM:  temp at 197 F

8:15 PM:  temp at 204 ... pulled out of smoker and pulled after a brief rest at this point

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Great work, looks good!   The After Action Review (AAR) is the most important part of any learning smoke experience.  It sounds like you isolated what you want to try next. 

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Originally Posted by KentuckyCal View Post


 Dreamland BBQ, Huntsville, AL


Montgomery, Tuscalousa and Mobile. Mmmmmm..... Dreamland ribs!

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Yeah forgot to mention it's a chain.  I've only been to the one in Huntsville.

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Congrats!!Thumbs Up


Looks & Sounds like All went pretty good !!!:drool


Great looking Pulled Pork!!:drool:drool




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Thanks Bear.  I spent some time reading through your step-by-step for pulled pork and while I didn't follow it exactly, I really appreciated having it handy.  Thanks again for taking the time to write that out for everyone!

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Gonna turn three cups of leftovers into Carolina Hash tomorrow.  Will post recipe if it turns out good.

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Originally Posted by KentuckyCal View Post

Gonna turn three cups of leftovers into Carolina Hash tomorrow.  Will post recipe if it turns out good.


Hmmmm---Sounds Veeeerrrryyyy in-ter-est-ing!!!!




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First of all Bear I just noticed where you live.  I grew up in Bucks County.:cool:


Second of all, hash turned out good.  Pic:



Looks like slop but sure doesn't taste that way.


Here's the recipe.  I pretty much just made this up guessing at what I've had down in SC


South Carolina Barbecue Hash


3 cups pulled pork, finely chopped

1 cup diced onion

2 cups white rice

1/2 cup mustard BBQ sauce

reserved au jus from pulled pork with the fat removed

3 tbsp. SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce

2 tbsp. butter

1 tsp. black pepper

1 tsp. salt



Add chopped pulled pork and onion to slow cooker, and cover with a little (about a cup and a half) water.  Set to cook on low for 8 hours.


Add end of cook time, add all other ingredients except rice to slow cooker, set to cook on high, and warm for at least 30 minutes.  In the meantime, cook rice.


Serve hash over cooked rice.

Any Carolina boys want to weigh in, feel free.  I found it's not easy to find any 'one' recipe for this stuff.  One difference from this recipe vs. what I remember having is I think the rice may have been pureed in with the pork, but I didn't really want to have slime for dinner so I skipped doing that.  Dudes down there were dipping their hushpuppies in it, but I didn't have time to make or get any of those
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That sounds Great, Cal !!!:drool


I'm thinking maybe even subbing little hash brown Taters instead of the rice.



BTW: Born & raised between Richlandtown & Quakertown (Bucks County)----Graduated from Quakertown High School (1966). Wife went to Pennridge HS.



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It's funny you should say that.... after I made it my wife liked it but said "This would probably be better with diced taters instead of rice." :biggrin:


When I was doing my homework I found people in the SC piedmont apparently do use taters instead of rice, but for my first attempt I wanted to use rice because where I have had hash before (Columbia and Charleston/Beaufort (forget which)) they used rice.  Next time I'm definitely going to try it with diced taters though.


Also, I grew up in Warminster. :)

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Your Hash recipe sounds great and another great use to use left over pulled pork after cooking a pork butt, thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

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Thanks man!


I credit Maurice's in Irmo, SC with first introducing me to the idea BBQ hash. :biggrin:

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