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Spare Ribs

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I'm doing some Spare Ribs on my MES 40 today. I have a new rub and sauce I want to try. It's called THE BBQ Rub and THE BBQ SAUCE from Killer Hogs. I'm going to use cherry wood.
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Thought I'd try the baby back ribs sandwich from an email I got a few weeks ago... Here are the the pics.
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Looks great!!  Bet chewing through those bones is a Bitc# though :biggrin:

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Jedi , hello . How are you going to cook your Spares , heat , wrapped in foil during some of the process ,or un-foiled the entire trip :icon_question:


More info. and Q-view , patiently waiting ...


Have fun and . . .

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I must say I love this rub and sauce! I put them in for 3 hours and I used a mop every 45 mins. After 3 hours I wrapped them. I put butter, brown sugar and honey in the foil with them. I checked them at 1 hour and 30 mins to see how tender they were and they weren't quite how I wanted them. I stuck them back in for 20 more mins and then they were right were I wanted them tender wise. So 1 hour and 40 mins wrapped total and then I put a glaze on them and stuck them back in for 30 more minutes to get a good smoky flavor on the glaze and let the glaze carmalize some. They came out a little darker than I wanted them but all in all they had some really good flavor and were
moist. They look darker in this picture than they really are.
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Looks good, what temp were you running on the smoker?  I picked some up tonight, and might try the butter brown sugar foil wrap.

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I cooked them at 235.
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Pulled the bones out mano,
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That's some fine looking ribs.

Happy smoken.


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