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What gives?

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I have been reading for about a wk now on dry curing meats and salami. What puzzles me is temperature and Humidity. Depends on whose instructions you follow temperature ranges are from 50 to 70F and humidity is from 55 to 80 an many of the same products.

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Different products take different temps and humidity..... a lot depends on what casings you use...... Follow the directions EXACTLY when making a product.... and, I would use a recipe from The Sausage Maker, Mitlitch, Butcher Packer or another well known supplier that has experienced staff on hand...... not from the web or book.... At least you can call the suppliers and get answers... the web and books have misprints....
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I notice you are making Coppa, Lonzino and bacon.... all at the same time and in one curing chamber.....

I'm not sure if that is a good idea or not.... There are different bacteria associated with different curing processes... Bacon should be in a refer below 40 degrees.... Coppa and Lonzino need higher temps for the cure #2 to work properly.....

You are mixing milk and meat, and that ain't Kosher...
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Very observant! Thanks   I have misspoke, it's actually Pancetta not rolled. Using cure #2 as the other meats.


same as here

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