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Country Style Ribs, ABTs, Baked Beans,

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Did some CSRs with Jeffs rub, having my Labor Day BBQ today so I cooked Thurs. and Fri.


Bean went under the ribs in the smoker, these are almost dutch's left the Jalapeno and Mustard out, lots of little kids to feed.


Ribs and Beans smoked 3 hrs with Hickory Pellets, pulled the ribs off into a pan and foiled, smoker was ready for the ABTS




Smoked some Peaches with Alder Pellets dusted with Cinnamon and Sugar. Pic later did my cheese cake also busy day yesterday.


Thanks for looking


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Damn Richie it all looks amazing.   Love the idea of smoked peaches mmmmmmm.



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Nice , Ritchie. Thumbs Up


Keep it coming and as always . . .

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Have no idea were the chicken parts ran off to, after heating nor the ribs. I did get a pic of the cheese cake and peaches. Lesson learned keep camera outside LOL

This may not be the right forum for fried food but some stuffed crabs were on todays menu.




Stuffed Crabs


Thanks guys working at it. Typing skill will never help. NJ Hunting License for Hunt and Seek LOL


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That all looks really tasty Richie.... Nice meal ! drool.gif

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That cheese cake looks killer... love cheese cake..

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Getting to put another one in the oven, for my new neighbor BBQ tomorrow

Thanks for the kind words guys'



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That's one heck of a feast!!! Everything looks spot on. Dutch's baked beans are the only way to make beans (IMHO). Nice job!!!icon14.gif
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Wow that all looks great! Ever use your peaches for your sauce?
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That was a 1st making them, but that probably would puree nicely.


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