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Weston Jerky Dust - to cure or not to cure?

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Hi everyone,


I'm planning to make jerky for the first time over the long weekend. I've got a kit of Weston Jerky Dust that I'm going to use to season the beef, and I'm not sure if I need to use the curing salt or not. If I do go ahead and cure it, I'm not really sure how to do it since the kit includes no directions for curing, only for making the seasoning marinade.


I'm tried Googling it a bit, but have come up short. I figured you guys might be able to help.



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I would use the cure, but if they gave you 4 ounces as pictured then you have enough cure for 100 lbs. of ground meat. Use only 1 level teaspoon per 5 lbs. of ground meat. Let cure overnight for best flavor and mix once or twice while curing. Weston is a little careless with their curing instructions, reading their link you might think that kit only cures 10 pounds. Remember,Prague powder,cure #1,instacure are all the same. 1 ounce to 25 pounds ground meat.f you want to be even more precise search for digging dogs cure calculator on this site and weigh and cure all your recipes.

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Thanks for the tips. The calculator looks good, but I'll be using solid slices of beef, not ground. Does that make a difference?
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Weight the meat and mix the spices & cure ( level t spoon per lb. ) required  with just enough water to dissolve to a paste. This will help to get a more even coating when you mix with the meat strips. Then cure 4 hrs. or more. I still like over night  best.

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