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pulled pork

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im doing a 3lb bone in pork shoulder, and i started it around 10:36 am, how long should i cook it until its abuot 195 temp? im burning an all wood fire. what are some tips, ps. i have no charcoal what so ever, i didnt have time to go get some.

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Zardel . Use a thermometer for proper finish temp. . "Judge" time @ 1.5lb./hr. raw weight at 225*F and try to keep the heat steady as you can . You'll have to babysit a bit ,but the outcome is great :drool .


Your little Butt may sail through cooking - or - it may take several hrs. .


The trick is . . .

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whats the trick oldschool??

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also remember when smoke the butt, it will hit a point where you think it is not cooking, the temp will stay the same for a bit and then it will finish. Just dont panic during this time. I forget the specifics of why it does this, but I just know they seem to all do that.

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