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Back leg deer

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I'm smoking a back leg from a big buck this weekend. Should I debone it & tie it up like one big roast or bone in & get rid of silver & tendon when done?
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Either way will work the last few I have done I have left whole and draped bacon over them to help keep the meat moist.

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I really like it bone-in.  But it does make for a stronger flavored meat.  

I second the bacon idea.  I also smoke for a while then wrap it in foil with some liquid of some kind.  I use apple juice just like with the 3-2-1 method on ribs.  I tried it and it seemed to work well.  You do have to watch the temps though.  Worst thing you can do to deer is over-cook it.  I pull mine at 140-145 internal temp or so and some folks think that's too hot...

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Slucig for sandwiches. Fantasy football draft Sunday. I like cola beef broth & worcester for juice. Only 6 hrs for a whole leg?
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My bad... Not actually 3-2-1 method... But after 3 hrs I wrap it and put apple juice in with it. Will keep it moist. Then cook it till it's nearly done while wrapped. Then finish it off unwrapped. Go by temp, not time...
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