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Masterbuilt Just died

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So, for whatever reason (some sort of short in a cable or the heating element) my Masterbuilt smoker died. I'm going to clean it out and see whats up, but I figured you guys might want to know.

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Another one bites the dust......RIP.....

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Mine did that recently.  It ended up being the wires that go to the heating element fusing together and causing a short.  I already had bought the heating element kit, so I replaced it all and it worked just fine.  But I did put a good amount of electrical tape around the two wires to keep them from touching.

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Mine did that long ago in a Galaxy Far Far away......I said NEVER again. Spent more on my next smoker and issues.

Shouldn't have to fix your smoker.....should of been designed and built right in my not so humble opinion.

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Later . . .

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I still need to tear it apart and see what's what. But thanks for the tips guys!

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